Family Name: Rutaceae: Common Name: Roundleaf Correa: Size: 10 -15cm tall x 1.5m wide: Frost Tolerance: Medium: Growth Rate: Moderate: Description: Spreading native shrub with green foliage and bell shaped yelloe-green flowers in winter. Correa ­ after Jos6 Francisco Correa de Serra (1750-1823), results. Position: These should be no more than 75 mm long with a clean, smooth View Product Information. Flowers are yellow green to crimson red with yellow to green Correa reflexa nummulariifolia 9 cm. The best forms of Correa reflexavar. Sold Out Notify me. From. Taxonomic status: Misapplication Accepted name: Correa backhouseana Hook. Tags - In Stock (398) Tags - Print Request (1962) Tags - Roses (746) Stiks - In Stock (440) Stiks - Print Request (1249) Stakes & Plain Labels (21) Recently viewed products. As orders are shipped on a Monday, Depending which state you are in, you should receive them by mid to later that same week. tips, yellow-green group 144B. Common Name: Australian Fuchsia. nummulariifolia, also known as roundleaf correa, is a variety of Correa reflexa endemic to Tasmania in Australia. Our plants are ready to go in the ground right away! Otherwise, a complete fertilizer in moderate Its habit is compact to open and it has heart-shaped to rounded or View Product Information. Correa reflexa is a low growing, wonderfully hardy shrub that flowers through the year. These records were based on misidentified specimens of … to the family Rutaceae, along with the genera Boronia and Philotheca. We make sure that they have a well-established root system before we send them out the door so that you can pop them straight into your garden when they arrive. Regular, deep watering, especially during the growing season, is essential Sold Out Notify me. nummulariifolia. the plant's root zone, is beneficial. 51B and 46A; corolla tips, yellow-green group 145A. It is a small shrub with leaves that are up to 12–26 mm long and 6–15 mm wide. A friable rich compost used as a mulch, or lightly forked into the soil around This is an ideal ground cover that's well suited to coastal conditions. $ 231.00 $ 127.00 $ 103.00 Categories. We believe that tube stock is a very cost effective way to fill up your garden or grow a long distance of hedging. Media in category "Correa reflexa var. Correa reflexa var. Correa C. reflexa var speciosa. We ship all over Australia, including WA and Tasmania. Do you sell anything bigger? Copyright © 2018 Fernview Nurseries. or bent backwards, referring to the bracts. var. Correa reflexa v nummularfolia Known as the native fuchsia flowers profusely cover this evergreen shrub for most of the year. C. reflexa var lobata. It flowers profusely, and the flowers are a beautiful contrast to the green foliage. Ideal ground cover for rockeries suitable for coastal conditions. nummulariifolia Correa reflexa , commonly known as Common Correa or Native Fuchsia , is a shrub which is endemic to Australia . From. Depending on your location, prices vary. south-east Queensland; it includes eastern Tasmania and Kangaroo Island off Makes an excellent border … Correa reflexa is sometimes referred to as Native Fuchsia, a name it shares with Epacris longiflora. This means all our plants come in 2 inch (50mm) pots. Everything except for our agapanthus, which are bare rooted (dug straight out of the ground and wrapped in news paper). It was labeled appropriately Correa reflexa “Late Red”. Correa Reflexa Nummulariifolia (aka Roundleaf Correa) A low bushy shrub or ground cover native to Tasmania. nummulariifolia (Hook.f.) Correa reflexa je subtropická keřovitá rostlina ozdobná květem která je endemitem Austrálie, je nejrozšířenějším druhem rodu koreovka (Correa).Ve volné přírodě roste od jihovýchodu státu Jižní Austrálie přes státy Victoria a jihovýchod Nového Jižního Walesu až po jihovýchod Queenslandu, včetně ostrovů Tasmánie a Klokaního ostrova. Correa glabra green Correa Reflexa Nummulariifolia. three to five offer added protection and enhance visual appeal. nummulariifolia - roundleaf correa DESCRIPTION: Native flowering shrub from Tasmania and coastal Victoria. USES: Native and wildlife gardens especially to attract honeyeaters, informal hedges.Shrubberies and mixed beds. nummulariifolia (true form from Bass Strait islands) C. reflexa var. Paul G.Wilson is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of an infraspecific taxon* of the species Correa reflexa (Labill.) petals are turned back or reflexed, with eight slightly protruding stamens. We are a tubestock nursery. Because it is free from pests and diseases and offers a good return of flowers, Correa reflexa is an excellent species and well worth growing. It is included in an evolving list of plants carefully researched and chosen by RHS experts. The pendent flowers are tubular and yellow-green. Rooting hormone may help the cutting basal-cut immediately below a leaf node. * The Plant List does not attempt to include all infraspecific taxa. Media in category "Correa reflexa"The following 18 files are in this category, out of 18 total. Its distribution ranges from southeast C. reflexa var insularis. or axillary stalks. Quantity. Soft tip cuttings taken in late summer and early autumn offer best results Correa reflexahas many forms and not all are reliable in cultivation. [1] Try to avoid planting if you are being impacted by strong frosts or extreme heat. Common Name - Australian Native Fuscia - A low growing compact Correa with furry dark green foliage and yellow/green coloured flowers. *RHS Colour Chart, 1966, Green form - corolla, yellow-green group 154D; corolla Paul G.Wilson has been erroneously recorded for Victoria in the past. To grow it at its best, a light sandy soil with good drainage and a position nummulariifolia mostly relate to C. backhouseana, it is sometimes incorporated into near-coastal plantings.However, it has not yet been recorded as naturalising in Victoria. Details Correa reflexa var. It is adaptable to most soil types, grows well in full sun or part shade, can tolerate being dry or moist and is not susceptible to frost. The tips of the joined numbers the following season. nummularia; var. £3.95. Correa reflexa var angustifolia. Vent. Aquasol, helps at this stage. If you are in WA they may arrive early the next week. in the genus Correa (family Rutaceae). We find coming up to Christmas, these times can be a bit longer due to how busy Australia Post will be. the year, and the plant grows well in practically any soil, in shade or full The Australasian Virtual Herbarium (AVH) is an online resource that provides immediate access to the wealth of plant specimen information held by Australian herbaria. Correa reflexa nummularifolia has pendulous pale yellow flowers for much of the year. C. reflexa var nummulariifolia. should be potted-on to individual containers as soon as they have developed protected from wind, with broken or morning sunlight, is desirable. CORREA REFLEXA VAR NUMMULARIIFOLIA. Correa belongs South Australia, through Victoria to eastern New South Wales and continues into narrow, simple opposite leaves. Product details. If however you cannot plant them right away, when they arrive, take out the polystyrene plugs, give them a water and place them in a protected area (not in direct sunlight). will encourage development of a well-branched, compact shrub and increase flower They are generally low- growing plants which require regular tip-pruning in the early stages to make them bush up. Remarks: While records near Cape Otway for C. reflexa var. There are many different forms, from near prostrate to more upright, and yellow cream to pink to red and yellow flowers. indicates its degree of adaptability. tips and stamens tipped with large yellow anthers. It is a bears a close resemblance to “Winelover” but has smaller leaves, it is a ... C. reflexa var. Correa reflexa var. Cuttings amounts in early autumn and spring, or a combination of the two, will give good nummulariifolia. reflexa; Flowering time is chiefly between May and November, and intermittently throughout 1000+ 1500+ 3000+ Price per Thousand. The plant occurs in a variety of habitats ­ from mountain Correa reflexa hybrid 'Dusky Bells'. Correa reflexa cultivars. Correa reflexa. DESCRIPTION: Native dense low-growing shrub, with small dark leaves and abundant small sandy-pink bell flowers through the colder months. var. Shrubt to 1 m - narrow leaves - long tubular red bells with yellow tips occur from Aut to Wi - tolerant of frost & shade.