Guys, I'm working on a combined 7WSM and 300WSM Cartridge Guide. This is not loaded ammunition. Both cartridges were designed to work through short action rifles. Shorter, fatter rounds are nine times out of ten more accurate than a longer round such as the 7mm. The 7mm WSM was tested for a time among target shooters worldwide. Mag. Lbs.) In order to obtain that performance from a .30 caliber, I would need to jump into the .300 Win. for their 7mm SAUM with a 140 grain bullet. that is why I went with the lighter 270 in 130. On the other hand, the .300 Winchester Magnum beats me up – and many other folks. Yup, and that's why I asked the question, their 7 WSM brass is not very good. Next I mounted a set of Winchester medium height rings and added a Meopta 3-9x40mm MeoPro scope. After lots of research I chose the 7mm saum as it has a longer neck and probably better barrel life than the 7mm/300 wsm. I have approx 750 out of mine and most of my groups are still in the .2s(sometimes better, sometimes worse) but it doesn't seem to have lost accuracy yet. Thinking of adding another 7mm to my arsenal. OP. The 7mm SAUM is the hot 7mm ticket right now for long range shooting. Vince’s BAT-actioned rifle started life as a 6.5-284. The Hodgdon technicians used Winchester cases and primers to develop their loads, and they were chronographed in a 24 inch barrel. Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.7.3. 7mm Wby Mag. The "short/fat" case designs like the WSM have proven to be most accurate with very consistent powder burns that in turn provide minimum variance in muzzle velocity from shot to shot. mailmanmark. The Nosler loads were developed in Remington cases with Remington primers, and chronographed in a 24 inch barrel. 7mm-08. with either the Berger 215- or 230-grain Hybrid and push them at maximum pressures. Note: A full length article about the 7mm WSM and 7mm Rem. But after one season, he rechambered it to a 7mm WSM (a 7mm/300 WSM to be precise). There was none available in 7 WSM so he ordered the 7 SAUM . Copyright © 2000-2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Yet, at least to me, it did not kick any more than the .30-06 Springfield. Thinking of adding another 7mm to my arsenal. Roy Weatherby’s proprietary 7mm Wby. The Contestants. The PPC rounds are the shortest and fattest, and they are the staples of benchrest competition. I need your favorite accuracy loads. I've prepped and loaded 200 of them so far with no issues. So many things I don’t understand about what is king and what is forgotten. In the U.S. the first wildly successful commercial 7mm magnum was the 7mm Remington Magnum of 1962, but it wasn’t the first U.S. 7mm. 7mm-08 Rem loads from Federal and Nosler ranging in weight from 120 to 140-grains performed well during accuracy testing from the bench. I'm reloading some right now. 7mm STW. In 2003 my son wanted a 7 in short magnum and tried to order a WSM in 7mm . 270 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data; 270 Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 7mm Mauser (7×57) Load Data; 7mm-08 Remington Load Data; 284 Winchester Load Data; ... 7mm WSM. 30/40 Krag. Anybody know what the competition shooters use for brass? The WSM chamberings are proving to be slightly more accurate as well. In shorter barrels, performance declines dramatically. 107 SW Columbia St | Bend, Oregon, USA 97702 | Toll Free: 1-800-285-3701 | Nosler Showroom / Open to the Public: Monday - … Medium slow burning rifle powders are most appropriate for both of these cartridges. Remington brass is hard to find, but I much prefer it to WW for the WSM's. Accuracy and terminal performance are the cornerstones of Hornady ® Precision Hunter ® factory loaded ammunition. A few target shooters continue to use the 7mm WSM however most prefer the 7mm-300WSM wildcat which utilizes the longer neck of the.300 WSM case design. Hodgdon reloading data for the 7mm WSM shows that the 140 grain Nosler Partition spitzer bullet can be driven to a MV of 2979 fps in front of 58.0 grains of H4350 powder. Using bullets from Barnes TTSX FB, Barnes TSX BT, Barnes TSX BT, Banded Solid SPIT or MRX BT, Barnes TSX FB or MRX BT, Barnes TSX FB. needing 1.3 mils for a 10 mph full value wind. July 7th, 2019 Sunday GunDay — 7mm WSM Hunter with Match-Grade Accuracy Ric Horst’s 7 WSM is a game-slayer with serious long-range accuracy. 7mm Rem Mag. mailmanmark OP. It has worked out for him because it’s a great cartridge in its own right . Consistent performance can be… Mag. The maximum load for that bullet is 61.5 grains of H4350 powder, which yields a MV of 3133 fps at a chamber pressure of 61,900 psi. Perhaps it has something to do with burn rate vs. powder column i.e. It has a 24 inch barrel. Remington claims a MV of 3175 fps and ME of 3133 ft. lbs. It is currently used by many competitors in the long range target shooting scene. Here was a 7mm that exhibited a flat trajectory and greater accuracy. Hodgdon reloading data for the 7mm WSM shows that the 140 grain Nosler Partition spitzer bullet can be driven to a MV of 2979 fps in front of 58.0 grains of H4350 powder. Campfire Regular. actually preceded it by 18 years. One of the reasons the 6.5x284 is so successful over the the longer 6.5x06 in long distance competition. IC-A Re: 7mm WSM Loads ... but then I look at the velocities and accuracy I get with this 7 wsm, and i wonder WHY? On average you’ll need a heavier 7mm bullet which will produce more recoil IN AN ULTRALIGHT rifle like the one I’m putting together for this project. 308 Win. With a 160 grain bullet the Remington figures are 2960 fps and 3112 ft. lbs. With the 168 Bergers in a M70 7mm WSM my load is 64 grs of RL 22 seated to about 2.95" with WLRM or 215M primers. Here is its last check target at 200 yds. Powders include Hodgdon, IMR, Winchester, Ramshot, Alliant, Accurate In 7mm, the WSM and SAUM cases are proving to be the most accurate and most popular. If you handload, you can get load your 280 to within 75-100 fps or so of the 7mm WSM. Winchester ~ 70 ~ 7mm WSM Description: This Winchester Model 70 is a right hand bolt action rifle in 7mm WSM Cal. 7mm Rem Ultra Mag. [quote=mailmanmark] 7WSM is a very accurate clambering. Here are some specifications of interest to those reloading the 7mm WSM cartridge: bullet diameter .284", maximum COL 2.860", maximum case length 2.100". This eliminates vertical string at long distance. 1000 Yards, Wyoming Style (Who Needs Benches?) The .308 round is inherently more accurate than the 7mm Mag. This powder excels in the 6.5 x 284, 270 WSM and the 7mm WSM. Winchester Reloading Brass is manufactured to extremely tight tolerances to ensure smooth feeding and positive chambering. The 7mm SAUM is an ideal cartridge for long-range competition and long-range hunting. I'm thinking competitive shooters must use another brand of .300 WSM and neck down/FF or something. It is drilled and tapped for a scope mount. MAGPRO is an excellent choice for belted cartridges such as the 300 Win Mag. Advantages of the WSM can be a lower Extreme Spread due to it's shorter powder column. Due to the shoulder safety design, the neck is very short. 7mm Accuracy Cartridges: 7mm WSM, 300WSM, Remington S.A. Ultra Mag, Rem SAUM, .284 Win: 7mm-08 Rem | .284 Winchester | 7mm WSM | 7mm SAUM: Long recognized as a superb choice for hunters, the 7mm (.284) bore size is now attracting great interest among long-range match shooters as well. at the muzzle. With a 160 grain bullet the Winchester figures are 2990 fps and 3176 ft. lbs. In another 20 years the 300 WSM will surpass the 300 Win Mag in sales, maybe sooner. Calculations were corrected to standard temperature (59F/15C) and pressure (29.92 inHg/1013 mbar) … Picking the right scope was a bit of a challenge as I didn’t want to add a lot of weight. The 7mm Remington Magnum drives the wide variety of 7mm bullets, from 120 to 175 grains, at respectable velocities. 7mm WSM 162 gr ELD-X ® Precision Hunter ® Item #80552 | 20/Box . SAUM can be found on the Rifle Cartridge Page. With comparable bullet weights, the 7mm Mag. Here are some specifications of interest to those reloading the 7mm SAUM cartridge: bullet diameter .284", maximum COL 2.825", maximum case length 2.035". It currently holds the long range record. Consistent case-to-case weight and capacity delivers outstanding accuracy. I love my 7/08's and wondering if the 7 WSM has the accuracy potential that my 7/08's have....thoughts??? Some have been fired five times without having to discard a single piece. Accurate Magpro Rifle Powder 1 lbs …double-base, spherical rifle powder developed specifically for the Short magnums of both Winchester (WSM) and Remington (SAUM). 30 Caliber.308” Diameter. Copyright 2004, 2013 by Chuck Hawks. Not sure where the 7mm is headed, although it is probably the best of the WSM's at least on paper. All of the figures from both companies were developed in 24 inch test barrels. The 7mm experiment was a huge success, and Vince now proudly owns the most accurate 1000-yard Light Gun in the United Kingdom. at the muzzle. In an effort to combine the efficiency of the short .308 case with the ballistic coefficient of … Ballistics Comparison for 270 30-30 Win. Winchester claims a muzzle velocity (MV) of 3,225 ft/s with a 140 grain bullet for their 7mm WSM cartridge; the claimed muzzle energy (ME) is 3,233 ft. lbs. Great care has been given by Hornady engineers to develop superior, match­-accurate hunting loads that allow the ELD­-X ® bullet to achieve its maximum ballistic potential. 7mm WSM / 7mm Winchester Short Magnum (Barnes Reloading Manual #4) reloading data with 104 loads. No iron sights. The 7mm Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) cartridge was developed by necking down the .300 WSM case to accept 7mm/.284-inch bullets and repositioning the shoulder slightly to prevent the latter cartridge from being inadvertently chambered in a 7mm WSM rifle. Mag. Posts: 830. These claims are valid if the short magnum cartridges are fired in 24 inch barrels, the same length as the barrels of most 7mm Rem. and exactly the same claim is made for the 7mm WSM. Neck sizing generally has a positive effect on the cartridge's accuracy; Usually, you needn't crimp the 7mm Rem Mag; The idea of using a belted case shortened to fit in a .30-06 length action really came to the forefront in the 1950s, with Winchester’s release of the .458, .338 and .264 Winchester Magnums. Please provide: Bullet weight and Mfg. 7mm WSM 162 A-max--64grn H4831sc, WLRM Primer, Win Brass, 2.291" base to ogive, 2970 fps, sub 1/2 MOA @ 100 175 SMK--62.5 grn H4831SC, WLRM Primer, Win Brass, 2.310" base to ogive, 2850 fps,.75" @300 yards 5 shots. My experience with Win WSM brass is not very good. 300 Sav. Reloading data published in the fifth edition of the Nosler Reloading Guide for the 7mm Rem. For that reason alone I would choose the WSM case over longer belted case. Winchester's high quality, durable brass can be reloaded several times. But I think the best option is to neck down and form a false shoulder on some Norma .300WSM brass and FF. Posts: 830. 308 Mar Exp. Campfire Regular. Here’s a hunting rifle (with tactical trappings) that performs as well as some purpose-built benchrest rifles, delivering half-MOA ten-shot groups at 1000 yards–from bipod no less! The bolt … This will also include the 7mm and 30 Cal WSM necked up from 270 WSM brass,used by Vince Bottomley and Alan Warner). 7 WSM should have been the star of the WSM three! All rights reserved. I think when people try a fast 7mm with the new high-BC bullets, they will be impressed. The author analyzed the 7x57 Mauser, 7mm-08 Remington, .280 Remington, 7mm Remington Magnum, 7mm Weatherby Magnum, and 28 Nosler for trajectory, effective range, and recoil with modern ballistic software available free online from The big 30s are accurate but I think the 7mm, being the middle road, may really may combine the best of both worlds--the accuracy of the 6.5-284 with the wind-bucking ability of the big 30s. 28 Nosler. Re: 7mm mag vs 7mm wsm ?? The rifle I found in the used rack at a shop was a Savage 110. Caliber: Bullet Weight: Overall Cartridge Length: Muzzle Velocity: Trajectory at 300 yds(100yds zero) Muzzle Energy(Ft. This original 7mm gave rise to the 30-06 and all subsequent cartridges based on it, but it also inspired a lot of other 7mm rounds. 300 WSM vs 300 Win Mag. New, unprimed brass. Accuracy of the 7mm WSM ??? The stock is a smooth hardwood laminate pistol grip and forearm. 30 TC. Many target shooters found this to be detrimental to extreme accuracy. rifles. Mag. I have some Norma 270WSM, but I've yet to use it - wish they would make some 7mm WSM brass. Excellence - Integrity - Service. Here are some specifications of interest to those reloading the 7mm WSM cartridge: bullet diameter .284", maximum COL 2.860", maximum case length 2.100". The 7mm WSM cartridge achieves its useful purpose as an excellent cartridge for larger mule deer, sheep, black bear and elk. Joined: Jun 2009. Winchester claims a muzzle velocity (MV) of 3,225 fps with a 140 grain bullet for their 7mm WSM cartridge; the claimed muzzle energy (ME) is 3,233 ft. lbs. #6100980 01/27/12: Joined: Jun 2009. The lighter, shorter 7mm bullets are preferred in these short case magnums. The … 300 Blk. 180 VLD-- 67 grain H1000, Fed match primer, Win Brass, 2.278" base to ogive, 2900 fps, 1/4" at 100 yards will supersede the velocities of the .30-06 Springfield; though the ’06 can use heavier bullets, the 7mm of equal weight will offer a better Sectional Density. Upstate NY. Remington claims that the ballistics of the 7mm SAUM equal those of the popular 7mm Rem. It will still have plenty of energy for mule deer and is why thousands of hunters use the 270 Win and 270 WSM. The photo below does a great job of showing the differences in external … The 7mm projectile offers excellent long-range accuracy. RP WSM is bettert than WW by a long shot. The WSM remains the benchrest favorite for 600 yard and 1000 yard shooting. Both were introduced in 2001. RL-19, H4350, and IMR 4350 are all good choices. Remington and Winchester went to short, fat, unbelted cases for their latest 7mm magnums, the 7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum and the Winchester Short Magnum. SAUM shows that 56.0 grains of IMR 4350 powder will drive their 140 grain bullets to a MV of 2943 fps, and 60.0 grains of IMR 4350 is good for a MV of 3146 fps. I bought 500 pieces of new WW brass when I bought my 7mm WSM back in '04. Upstate NY. IMR 4350 was the most accurate powder tested.